Tuesday, February 19, 2013


So the other day I wanted to draw an alien, so I did, meet Djek conquer of the milky way. interesting thing is I drew this then saw the trailer for escape from planet earth and got mad cause it looks kinda similar, but they shouldn't worry I dont think I'll sue...

But I didn't want to stop there. So I went to my siblings, I have 6, and asked them to describe aliens for me to draw. So here are their aliens of the galaxy.

First off we have the youngest: his was described as a monkey with three eyes and then he went and drew if for me which kinda took the fun out of it but his drawing is nice.



next a Quaḱu. It was described as a fluff ball with 12 eyes a sheep's tail and a tiara.

Here is one that I forget the name of but it was described as a butterfly with 10 wings that it wraps its body in to walk around, and its body is covered in mucus.

Here is another of mine, this one is un-named but I described it as a half croc half man with hippo legs that has an extra arm on one side.

Here's probably my favorite a Zib. It was described in the most detail. like a person, but backwards knees like a faun, three fingers and three toes, elf ears, lots of eyes, two tails and a razor weapon.

Here is the scariest. a Slurp, spelled wrong on the page. described as having a square face, square eyes, a pony-tail, legs 1/3 of its body, four arms two fingers each with hooks on them to pull the brains out of the noses of its unsuspecting human victims. you can see what it looks like when feeding or mad in the lower corner.

And here is the first alien I did for someone else. Described as a generic alien with three legs big head. At least thats all I could remember.

So here is the deal. I need you to either comment on this blog post, my fb page you found this on or my twitter account, or instagram, wherever you saw this and describe your alien. I'd like to do them all but if I get a lot I'll have to choose the ones I like so make it fun and go nuts!

I cant wait to hear your ideas!

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