Saturday, February 16, 2013

Drawing 1 class

Here are some of my drawings from Drawing 1 class.

I have enjoyed the little things that I have learned, like comparing scales and proportions, its so obvious but I'd never thought of actually applying it to my work.

My first sketch in my class sketchbook, hopefully you see that its a pine cone but there it is, I said it. At the end of the year I'll need to have 90 sketches for an A grade so iI'm going to get sketching.

My most recent sketch in my sketchbook. The rules for things in the sketchbook limit the subject matter to things that are 3D so that I the artist can practice transforming 3D to 2D. This is bassed off of a Yoda Maquette so yes this was a real tangible subject matter...

P.S. Yoda is real.

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