Monday, October 13, 2014

SWU Week 4

Here's the video

Here's the artwork

Drawing for storyboarding, Drawing faces


Color Theory
Project 1
The first image is my reference image for my culture, Celtic. The swatches in the middle  are the colors I used in my master design. The three color schemes here are, Master, Achromatic, and Complimentary.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

SCAD Weekly Update Week 2 and 3

Just combining both of these into one

SWU Week 2

SWU Week3

Today's Sketchy: September

A week into Inktober, still in recovery from a 24 hour comic challange, and full into the 4th week of SCAD Atlanta.

Yea I'm busy...

here is last Month in Sketches!

Driving down to GA, stopped by Joe's Studio

Drop Savannah Anne off at Impact 360

Filled up another sketchbook

Finished reading Maze Runner

Just chilling with friends

Soccer, aka "face-ball"

Skydiving? -nope

Day with David!

Richard Kiel passed away

packed for school

Drive to Atlanta

Move into ACA House

Finished Reading "The Killing Joke

First Day of SCAD! Drawing for storyboarding, Communications class

Apply for job
Color Theory

Binders art supply


Cartoon Hangover!

Mellow Mushroom

Taco Tuesday! on a Monday!

Got a job!
and I want to stick my hand in a kangaroo pouch...

Got a new iPhone 5c

Bancroft Bros Animation Podcast

Shawshank Redeption

More Painting!

Pasta! Prep for Inktober

Tuna Helper

Complimentary Colors