Tuesday, June 4, 2013

April in Sketches

April Fools

Drawing 1 class

No art history 

Art Show

Phone call

Made my bed!


work, drive, class


Lilly's Birthday

fly to Cali!

Dance confrence

Apologia Confrence

Flight via Dallas

YYB (ill explain later)

VFX tests, and warm bodies

dumbest class ever

1lb Burger, says it all

Castle, Grannan and Paw

the Tech

chasing a mouse across the keyboard


Silence will fall!

Rachet and Clank the movie

COMA logo

They called me master Chef at work, but i took it differently

Felts Wedding

Driving up to Boone

No final exam? sounds great

Final project, and call backs.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Sketchy giveaway

So I'm at class early today (today being about a month ago) so I decided to sketch people at this fair going on. Then I got the idea to sketch some people without their knowledge and give them that sketch afterwards to get the word out for my blog and me as an illustrator. So here is my first sketchy giveaway!