Friday, August 24, 2012

Doc Ock

A friend, the incredible John Mathis, lent me some classic The Amazing Spider-Man comics and I saw Doc Ock again. His four arms provide the artist with the opportunity to display a strong Line of Action.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I was originally trying to sketch Superman flying backwards, but the sketch kinda got away from me... My brother has this knack for being witty so after I told him it was supposed to be Superman he wrote the caption. 

The caption reads: Superman? Yea, he's cool...

Remember, remember the 4th of July...

The Fourth of July 2012.
It was Symphony in the Park night and they played Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture, complete with cannon fire!


Once again at Panera. There weren't any interesting people so I sketched a strawberry that was on the wall.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


I love trying to capture a moment. Time travels so fast and we miss it, but if we could only slow everything down and savor the moments...


John Williams in the Park

At the Symphony in the Park about a month ago the Conductor conducted a montage of John William's greatest works. One of pieces was the flight in the asteroids.
And of course the theme to Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Friday, August 17, 2012


I was at the beach and my sister was reading on the couch, so naturally I sketched what I saw. I like pen on paper because it is very unforgiving. If you mess up you have to figure out how to use and manipulate a mistake into an accurate line.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cross Country Trip

I recently went on a cross country road trip from home in Charlotte NC to my school, Animation Mentor, summer BBQ.
We got stuck on a cable car in San Francisco, so, I sketched the sidewalk.
Two film buddies went on the trip with me. Seen here is George (even though he is serious in the sketch he couldnt stop laughing while I was sketching him)
...and John (He didnt know I was sketching him and was kinda in a daze)

Toes and Fingers

I will never forget when I was told that I have luscious feet, yea this picture doesn't do my foot justice! :P
And the talented hand that sketches these sketchy sketches.

Monday, August 13, 2012

His house

Its not wrong to sketch in church, I feel closest to God when I use the skills and talents He gave me, those being artistic, this makes sense. Plus im not great at people's faces and this view only requires me to sketch the back of their heads.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

People at Panera

When Im home, Im at my Grandparents, I go to Panera Bread to work on animation and sketch people. The middle one is my brother whom I have sketched multiple times. He writes I sketch we both eat and drink. The other two are sketched in great haste as people change poses or moods according to their visit and reason for being at Panera.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Here are some planning sketches I did for a tennis serve animation I did. I would like to go back and polish the animation as right now it looks pretty rough.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Grimm Reaper.

The reason I use two 'm' s is because the brothers Grimm, famous fairy tale tellers and adventurers created the reaper and was the only thing that can, in my opinion, kill the brothers Grimm.

Sketch of sketcher

My sister was sketching while we were at symphony in the park. So I sketched her.

Hey Bub!

Wolverine. Probably the most well known Xmen member. I mean he is basically invincible and has adamantium claws that come out of his knuckles. What's not to like

Iron man

The real reason Bane is mad...

I just did the sketch the caption is my brothers fault.

Wood elf

Originally this was going to be poison ivy from batman. But this elf looks much prettier and too good natured.


This was my first test with good quality watercolors. Not that powdered crap. Something unique about watercolor vs. Acrylic is that you can only go from light to dark, once the white of the paper is colored, it cannot be turned back to white unless it is done fast with a dry brush.

Coke 'n Chips

I wish I had pictures of all four renditions of this piece. My three siblings and I all sketched and then used colored markers to render this same scene from four different angles, all using different color schemes. I used reverse complementary colors.

Form and Light Studies

Eggs in a Blanket. Done in 2 days with an ebony pencil.
Glass. Done in 1 hour with 4h and then 2b.

Beast Boy

My brother is crazy about Beast Boy. So I sketched and colored him on my iPad, I really like the quality of this drawing, I wish I could have thought up a more interesting pose, but knowing my little brother I'll probably be sketching him again.


Innocence Both pieces were done using colored pencils on colored, textured paper. I loved these pieces, the amount of texture I was capable of getting out of the pencils on the paper was really fun. I plan to do plenty more of these in the future.

hot chelle egg

My first work with pastels I enjoyed it, the paper was poor quality. I would love to do a piece on better paper, all the same I did like the piece.


Its a crapy picture but a fun sketch.

Self Portrait

Before my hair cut...

Bounty Hunters

Cad Bane, by far the best thing to come out of Star Wars the Clone Wars (perhaps the only good thing)
Boba Fett, The coolest character in the Star Wars Saga, even though he only has like 4 lines in the whole saga and looked like a twit as a child.
Greedo, he is awesome! Oh snap, he just got shot in the face. I guess Han is more awesome, and yes Han shot first.
IG-88, wait did this guy do anything of value? Ever?!