Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The Riddler. This was one of my first sketches on my iPad. Looking back at it I dont like it very much, the pose is boring and some of the colors dont work, but all the same here it is.
The Penguin. I love this sketch because of the sketchy look, I also like the sharp angles.
Mysterio. Mysterio is not from the DC universe, he is the Marvel enemy of spider-man. I always thought it was hilarious that Mysterio had a 'fishbowl' on his head. So I thought, 'what if he ever got a milkshake?' So I posed Mysterio how I thought he would react to discovering he had no mouth with which to eat.
Deathstroke. And back to the DC universe... When I sketched this I was just kinda experimenting with legs and I ended up with these legs and then added the upper torso.

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