Friday, May 30, 2014

What is ART? part 1 of....

My older brother will be graduating in two weeks with his degree in Philosophy from Kings College in NYC. My younger sister is about to start her journey in the same field of study. So I thought, "Hey, I'll skip out on all this impossible, existential question mumbo jumbo and study.... art!"

Boy was that an incredible misconception. The question "What is Art" is a million times harder than "Is the spoon there?" The spoon is there, trust me. But whether "Fountain" by Marcel Duchamp is art is no walk in a park...

I wrote this a while ago, but still wanted to post as food for thought...

In 1917 an art gallery held an open non-censored show to anyone who would pay the $6 entry fee (equal to $126 today) Duchamp went out and bought a urinal, signed it, placed it on its side, titled it "Fountain" and sent in his submission fee. The curator of the exhibition actually did exclude this piece but it caused an uproar over why, which led to the ultimate question "What is art?"

I don't know. Thats my current stance. however, in the case of "Fountain" I do have some thoughts. The 'Ready Made' Genre of art such as "Fountain" is not art at all, but a plagiarism of the arts. Someone had to design the urinal, and create it from bare materials. Duchamp signing it and placing it on its side 'making the viewer see it differently' is not art, it is him claiming someone else's work as his own by changing the view. 

Now, when this discussion broke out in Art History 2, a fellow classmate pointed out to me that I have a lightbulb in my sculpture displayed in the student art show, is that not plagiarism? No. It is not, because my sculpture is not a lightbulb, it is a firefly. If you look at it from a writing perspective, is it plagiarism to use words that someone else has used? No, its how you order and use those words that makes an original piece. Similarly in art, I don't know anyone who makes his or her own pencils and paper to draw on. At some point you are using materials someone else designed and created. Going all the way back the the ultimate creator, God Almighty, the Creator of the Universe. Now you say "Yea Anderson, but Duchamp took someone else's work (the urinal) and just rearranged it in space." Okay, I do agree with you there, in the end what this piece needs is to give credit where credit is due, When viewing "Fountain" the only credit of artistic work that goes to Duchamp is composition, but all the other elements of design, form line, value, contrast, go the the original designer of the urinal.

See what I mean about this being an impossible question...

More to come but this is just food for thought, congratulations by the way if you actually read all these ramblings of an art student.

Monday, May 19, 2014

April in Sketches

Today's Sketchy Continues into April, very busy month but It has nothing on the upcoming weeks...

April fools

Google Maps Pokemon, gotta catch em all!

Finished drawings and tea

Scanning artwork

Shrek the musical


School day

Sculpture plan

Griffin (These last 10 pages got stained with water)

My little sister's Birthday!

Wood tile work

Visiting SCAD

Pittypatt's Porch

Housing in Atlanta

Red moon, Plaster Sculpture

Terrible teacher stumbles and stumbles

Logo design

Secret Church, Good Friday


Easter Sunday

Snail mail... get it?

Cut my hand, dang it!

Pretty dull day...

Almost complete sculpture

Walk with God

Coloring on my Cintiq

Eggplant for dinner

Cool short film

More coloring

What is Art?

We are already more than halfway through May so look for May to come to you soon.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day at the Zoo

In D.C. this week and went to the free National Zoo. I enjoyed access to all the free models, but had to limit myself to the animals that would sit still for long enough for me to capture their likeness.


King Vulture

Some freaky cool fish that was 7 feet long and looked like 400lbs

This monkey was not caged.. it was just sitting there...

I noticed how angular a frog is so I decided to exaggerate it. the color scheme of this frog was a beautiful turquoise and chocolate swirl

This Crab actually had a sign on the glass that read, "I like to pose, draw a picture of me!" so I did.

This anteater was the highlight of my zoo visit as I had never seen one before and like the streamlined body, and friendly appearance of the animal.

Woman Crush Wednesday

Im not very good at drawing the female face. I attribute that to the fact that I am a man myself and so I have been practicing drawing my own, very angular face for so long that the soft features of the female face are hard to construct.

But recently I have had a reason to draw female faces, other than just to push myself to grow as an artist. I was inspired by someone to draw her face, because it was easily the most beautiful face I had seen.

So what better day to post, than Woman Crush Wednesday.

Some warm-up sketches

"The Book Reader" initially I was scared to render her... I didn't want to mess it up... She is so amazing I might render it wrong... but then I took a leap of faith out there and thought, "Hey Im not going to let this pass me by, Im going to do my best and at least try!" (Hey! I am a poet and I wasn't aware of that! ... wait...)

Detail of the face

The button nose, soft brow, lips subtly curling into a smile... and of course the hair, like a river of gold flowing down from a mountain spring... Ill leave the poetry to Solomon and just draw...

Monday, May 5, 2014


Life has been crazy! OK so I have like 20 posts prepped but I just have tooooo much going on, this is just to say they are coming! I'm just about to finish a book commission, school, and other big projects so just hang in there and Ill have content coming soon! meanwhile this is how I feel, insert your own caption.