Saturday, November 23, 2013

Colored Pencils

Just some experimenting with colored pencils and stylization, one of my classmates in figure drawing has a very beautiful line quality reminiscent of Michelangelo that I have been trying to emulate. A basic description of the style is that there are no straight lines, all lines are curved, see if these pictures help any...

Drawing from live model

Drawing of a maquette

Drawing of still life

Friday, November 22, 2013


The final piece to be included in my series of giANT bugs is this cicada. The 'to scale' drawing is on 11"x17" while the zoomed in drawing is on a piece of paper that was about 40"x20" I decided to incorporate color because the insect I was observing was so vibrant that it felt rude to The Creator to not include those vibrant colors.

WIP, you can see my reference in the upper left corner

WIP pt2, you can see the to scale drawing above

WIP pt3

WIP pt 4


Final to Scale

close up of head

close up of wing

other wing


Final display at CPCC Central campus

Thursday, November 7, 2013


This is a series I just illustrated titled "giANT" I used micron pens and copic markers, the mosquito I used a hatching shading method. I haven't hatched in a while but I feel it worked well for the texture and piece. The art comes in pairs. each piece is 11"x17" the first is a to scale drawing then a drawing that fills the page. The idea behind this series is that God has created so many wondrous creations but some are so small that we don't take time to appreciate the beauty of them up close.

close up

close up

close up

cross hatching detailing

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

shoes pt 3

Something I failed to mention about the shoe series is that they are pastel.

Here is my last shoe, I would like to do more at some point but this is it for now.

here are my thumbnails

pencil sketch

Since there is now white or cream in this shoe I decided to use the masking type for the background rather than the shoe itself.

initial color pass



going darker






Tuesday, November 5, 2013

shoes pt 2

The second shoe in my study of shoes was one of my own. I was fascinated by a tear at the ball of the shoe, I also saw the opportunity to use masking tape again, used here for the texture of the rubber bottom rim of the shoe.

Im also kinda sad that I didn't have any WIP pictures of this piece.

also I didn't give too much thought to composition and shoe angle, so over all this is a very boring piece, but it is a simple drawing that holds up at a distance.

part 3 coming soon

Monday, November 4, 2013

shoes pt 1

I recently did a short study of shoes and collage.

I started with this dark brown shoe. I mainly chose this shoe because it reminded me of someone special to me and the paper I had was brown.

I noticed that although the shoe was very dark brown, the highlights were more blue, which makes sense because blue and orange are complimentary colors and brown is just a dark orange.

initial sketch

here is where the collage aspect showed up, the inside of the shoe was a cream color so I decided to use masking tape which almost matched the color perfect for that space. You can also see here the blue being put in the highlights.

coming along

I decided that the black in the bg needed to be really black so i pushed really far!

final cropped image

here is a close up of the inside of the shoe where I added a small text detail to tell a story.

part 2 coming soon...