Monday, November 4, 2013

shoes pt 1

I recently did a short study of shoes and collage.

I started with this dark brown shoe. I mainly chose this shoe because it reminded me of someone special to me and the paper I had was brown.

I noticed that although the shoe was very dark brown, the highlights were more blue, which makes sense because blue and orange are complimentary colors and brown is just a dark orange.

initial sketch

here is where the collage aspect showed up, the inside of the shoe was a cream color so I decided to use masking tape which almost matched the color perfect for that space. You can also see here the blue being put in the highlights.

coming along

I decided that the black in the bg needed to be really black so i pushed really far!

final cropped image

here is a close up of the inside of the shoe where I added a small text detail to tell a story.

part 2 coming soon...

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