Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Texture pt 2

My class was given the assignment to create a texture with a texture, so I made the grand decision to make a finger print with fingerprints. and instead of signing... well lets just say my names all over this.





conte' foot

working with conte' sticks is hard. There is a red, white, black, and sometimes brown color, the key is mixing them all with the grey paper to create a flesh tone that doesn't look sunburned. we spent over an hour on this drawing, for only my 5th-ish venture using conte'

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mom's Birthday

My mom loves Sunflowers, so it only follows to draw her a picture of a sunflower. I have been learning about pastels recently so I decided to give them a shot, I chose to do a monochromatic drawing using yellow as the pop color, I wish I could have had a purple ground to use complementary colors but I don't have any purple pastels, ahh budget of an artist.

This is a piece that I have chosen to sign on the back because a signature on the front would compete  with the composition.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Portraiture pt. 2

More portrait study, this time we did two face studies with pencil followed by two conte studies, Ive never worked with conte so they both are a bit rough.

It was nice to have the same model all 4 times so that I could compare and learn as I went

Friday, October 11, 2013


The other day in figure drawing class our teacher forgot to schedule a model, so we studied the human face and drew some portraiture.

Here is a charcoal drawing of my teacher

An Ebony pencil drawing of one of my classmates

Another Ebony pencil drawing of another one of my classmates. I have a hard time with the female face so these drawings were a good practice, I think part of it is because I am a dude and I've practiced drawing myself lots of times, but not many girls

I decided to drawing this one in a more Caricatured style since I'm more comfortable with the male face 

The last drawing of the day, I decided to go back to charcoal, but this time I laid a ground first with compressed charcoal, then added the dark values with vine charcoal, and lights by erasing

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Texture Study

In Drawing class today we took a look at compiling textures from different materials to create another objects texture. I used a sponge to create the gritty, dirty, smudge look on the cow skull

india ink, and sepia ink on 18x24 paper. Im very pleased with how this piece turned out, and decided to title it "Desert Rain" The story behind this piece is that this is the only way that it rains in the desert, when a dead animal skull cries tears of dirt and sand

September in Sketches

Another month in sketches. This has been a great adventure drawing a sketch to represent each day, making for a visual journal.

Cintiq coloring

lots of driving


contour line drawing

eating an apple

pickles and chocolate?...



GRD project1


never forget...

follow the link

work and school


dead bat, skype call :]

walk cycle


iOS 7




Easter Lillies


20,000 leagues under the sea

home alone

carpet ball

swing dancing

80th Birthday 

Harley Quinn

submission to DC comics.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Charcoal Animation

Today in Drawing class we took our subject of motion to the next level by drawing animation. I haven't really ever done traditional animation, but my base of Computer animation knowledge from Animation Mentor gave me a head start.

Each of these animations were drawn on one piece of paper, unlike traditional animation that has a different page for each frame. In the end I really like this look but I do plan to experiment with individual frame drawing animation.

Anyway here is what you came for. Both are 6 fps (frames per second)

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Animation Mentor Caricatures

I graduated Animation Mentor's online program this last summer. I wrote thank you notes to all my mentors, the founders and the graduation commencement speaker for all their help in getting me through the program. Here are the caricatures I included in their letters of them.

Once again a huge shout out to the great mentors at Animation Mentor!! Thank you guys you rock! WOOT! WOOT!

Anthony, PIXAR, he was never actually my mentor but he gave me great advice all the same when I met him in San Fran

Bobby "BOOM", Animation Mentor school founder, his name says it all, "BOOM"

Shawn, Animation Mentor school founder, ILM animator, I met Shawn after the graduation I loved how much he cared about all the students giving us all time.

Carlos, Animation Mentor School founder, Carlos gave a lot of the lectures and was an inspiration to act silly and embrace the animators life.

Ray, Blue Sky Studios, Class 1 Mentor, Ray had the hardest job of introducing all of us to the basics of animation, and so he gets major props for patience.

Scott, Dreamworks Animation, Class 2 Mentor, Scott was very encouraging in the fact that he was the youngest mentor I had, and it gave me confidence in my talent considering my age.

Dimos, Circus Ink Entertainment, Class 3 Mentor, Dimos was really fun and an enthusiastic teacher.

Scott, Blue Sky Studios, Class 4 Mentor, Scott was a very tough teacher, most people take that the wrong way, Scott was great being so tough, because looking back his "toughness" was really nothing compared to the real world.

Greg Kyle, Laika Studios, Class 5 Mentor, Greg loves hockey and loved telling us that, also kept the hard reality of deadlines light by keeping us encouraged.

Arslan, Moving Picture Company, He was my class 6 mentor and really pushed me to be the best I could be.
Rich Moore, Director: Wreck it Ralph, Graduation Commencement speaker, Great to meet such a great visionary, reminded me of the importance of failure to achieve success.

Again, I cant say it enough. Thank you All for you help and support. I don't usually put videos on this blog but here is my Demo reel from my time at Animation mentor.