Thursday, October 3, 2013

Animation Mentor Caricatures

I graduated Animation Mentor's online program this last summer. I wrote thank you notes to all my mentors, the founders and the graduation commencement speaker for all their help in getting me through the program. Here are the caricatures I included in their letters of them.

Once again a huge shout out to the great mentors at Animation Mentor!! Thank you guys you rock! WOOT! WOOT!

Anthony, PIXAR, he was never actually my mentor but he gave me great advice all the same when I met him in San Fran

Bobby "BOOM", Animation Mentor school founder, his name says it all, "BOOM"

Shawn, Animation Mentor school founder, ILM animator, I met Shawn after the graduation I loved how much he cared about all the students giving us all time.

Carlos, Animation Mentor School founder, Carlos gave a lot of the lectures and was an inspiration to act silly and embrace the animators life.

Ray, Blue Sky Studios, Class 1 Mentor, Ray had the hardest job of introducing all of us to the basics of animation, and so he gets major props for patience.

Scott, Dreamworks Animation, Class 2 Mentor, Scott was very encouraging in the fact that he was the youngest mentor I had, and it gave me confidence in my talent considering my age.

Dimos, Circus Ink Entertainment, Class 3 Mentor, Dimos was really fun and an enthusiastic teacher.

Scott, Blue Sky Studios, Class 4 Mentor, Scott was a very tough teacher, most people take that the wrong way, Scott was great being so tough, because looking back his "toughness" was really nothing compared to the real world.

Greg Kyle, Laika Studios, Class 5 Mentor, Greg loves hockey and loved telling us that, also kept the hard reality of deadlines light by keeping us encouraged.

Arslan, Moving Picture Company, He was my class 6 mentor and really pushed me to be the best I could be.
Rich Moore, Director: Wreck it Ralph, Graduation Commencement speaker, Great to meet such a great visionary, reminded me of the importance of failure to achieve success.

Again, I cant say it enough. Thank you All for you help and support. I don't usually put videos on this blog but here is my Demo reel from my time at Animation mentor.

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