Saturday, November 12, 2016


Sooo, I've been working with a friend, Kris, on a future project, and we recently sent a pitch package to a publisher with hopes of getting a grant to kick-start our project financially and get us underway as Comic Creators.

For now it is titled "Project Turtleneck" for obvious reasons.

For our pitch we had to produce 5 pages from the story, so here are the sample pages, pages 10-14 from the script.

If you click on one of the pages, it will enlarge to full screen viewing.

I have also included the process below.

Planning and original pencil thumbnail

I then scan my thumbnails to add detail digitally to become my Breakdowns

I did the background perspective in Manga studio separately.

I then placed a cheap paper over top of these breakdowns and proceeded to traditional penciling.

I printed my pencils out in blue line on to Bristol and inked over them, here are the raw scans.

And then the final treated black and white inks, with letters above at the top.

We will be making this project regardless of if we are awarded the grant. It might take longer without the financial backing, but it will happen... eventually. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

24 Hour Comic 2016

Wooo! from September 30 - October 1 I stayed up all night at SCAD Atlanta for the school sponsored event, Generate. The event is a school-wide 24-hour challenge where each department has its own unique challenge for its participants. For the Sequential Art department, we were challenged to make a 24 page black and white comic in 24 hours. so... here is mine.

Keep in mind that this was all made, concept to final drawings, in a 24-hour span, I actually finished early with two hours to spare but yea, same difference.

To enlarge, click on the page and advance through the story with the arrow keys.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Disney Sketchbook

I spent the Summer as a character performer at Walt Disney World (Thus the lack of updates to this blog) But! Let it not be said that I did not draw during the summer!

I found a sketchbook at Disney with Mickey Mouse on the cover, But it was too expensive to just treat like a regular sketchbook so I decided to make it my Signature book for the summer. I did drawings of all the characters you could meet, then made a copy to give to them and had them sign mine.

If you click on the drawing it will enlarge.

And a little Bonus, some of my thumbnails in my sketchbook before doing the final in the Mickey Sketchbook.