Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sea Beards

Here are my final character designs for my Original Character concepts for an animated tv show. The characters live in a world where a pirates respect is earned by having a beard, and an awesome name to go with it.

Here are, Fishbeard, Deadbeard, and Littlebeard.

Now that the character designs are done I am moving on to making a maquette of one character, Deadbeard. And a 30 page storyboard of the characters adventures.

Batman Inks

In Advancing Inking we were given a Penciled page by Greg Cappulo from Batman #7 in the Court of Owls storyline. We were then told to ink over the pencils.

Some people might think that inking pencil work is simply tracing. I say to these people... Naw, I will refrain. I will simply say, no it is not just tracing, you still need to be a capable artist and know how to make certain marks. All that said, it is easier than pencils mostly.

I unfortunately don't have a picture or scan of the original pencils, so i can only show you the final product.

Anyway here is my final page.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mad Max: Immortan Joe

Similar to the first assigment in Advanced Inking class, for project two I was only allowed to use brush this time, and the prompt was, "Mad Max Fury Road"

Original Thumbnail Ideas

Rough Pencils in Photoshop

Final Treated Ink

Nib Illustration

In my advanced Inking class we had to do a full page illustration using only Nibs. The Prompt was "Teen Titans Go" so naturally I had them face off with a flying spagetti monster.

Thumbnail Ideas
First pass

After critique I added some value to the buildings and more in general to the characters.

Batman Beyond Character Designs and boards

The second project in my Character design class was to design two original characters that would fit in an established animated show style. I chose Batman Beyond and here are my characters.

This is Orion The Constellation Constable, Grandson of Darkseid, Lord of apocalypse and brother to Shard. 

This is Shard the Glass Baron, also Grandson of Darkseid, Lord of apocalypse and brother to Orion

After designing the characters, we had to introduce them into the animated show we picked. The hardest part was making sure the editing, and shot style fit the source material. I did my research and noticed that Batman Beyond has lots of pans and zooms, so I used that to my advantage in story telling. Here are my boards.

There we go! hope you enjoied, Next project is to make characters of my own in my own world. I cant wait!