Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The wizard of OZ

I just watched "OZ the Great and Powerful" and was inspired to draw the original cast. By the way, I wasnt to fond of "OZ the Great and Powerful" I felt it had too much forced humor, some weak witch fight scenes and a predictable story. Although when I consider how odd the first movie was It falls right into place and matches perfectly.

anyways back to art

here is my original pencil art scan, sorry its a little faint

and the Final digitally lined and colored piece.

As much as I like this piece it still feels flat to me, im going to push myself for more depth.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cintiq Practice

After coloring spiderman I went on to color some other pencil sketches I've done in the past. I also decided to help the composition of these pieces by adding the background shape. I learned this from Randy Hayes, here is is blog, great work!

I also made the discovery in photoshop when inking that under the shape dynamics in the brush preset window if you change the "Roundness Jitter" to be applied by pen pressure, then you get a nice ink brush stroke look.

After I saw how nice the compositions on Robin and Rhino were with the shape in the back ground I added one to spider man and I think it really helps keep it exciting. Enjoy!

Rhino, from the Marvel Comic universe, typically has a mans face sticking out of where the rhinos mouth would be, but I prefer this look where its more rhino than man. Rhino is one of the villains in the next Amazing Spiderman movie, Im pretty excited to see their take on this villain. 

This robin is kinda a combination of all the robins that helped Batman, Dick Grayson's num-chucks, Jason Todd's angry scowl, Tim Drake's acrobatic body suit, and Damian Wayne's green goggles, gloves, and boots.

Funny how the simple addition of a parallelogram can change up the composistion of a piece for the best.


I wish I had taken a before picture. I "finished" my assignment for Drawing II yesterday, took it to class today (side note my Drawing II teacher is on maternity leave for this month so I actually have my Figure Drawing I teacher for this month as a sub) and all the students put our pieces on the wall, and the teacher said, you all have the idea but, yours is a drawing of a hand, yours is a drawing of a fan, yours is a drawing of a cat, I don't see any drawings of motion. Wow! she was right! we had done drawings with lines to "show" motion but none of the drawings were "of" motion. So, we spent the whole of class pushing our drawings, potentially over the edge, and she said that, "you almost cant go to far, you are trying to show motion not hands."

so here is my new final piece.

all of the thumb "ghosts" weren't in the first final.

the same with these finger "ghosts"

Final is Pen and Ink wash on paper.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


One of my Drawing assignments over labor day weekend is to draw 25 one minute, 5 two minute, and 5 five minute gesture drawings of people. Our teacher also gave use a website that will give you a picture of a pose and automatically switch after however long you set it. here are a few of my favorite sketches from my session the other day, I have already finished the assignment, yet I plan to at least double it, it is so much fun trying to capture as much info in as short a time as possible.

these are also sketches that I would like to flesh out more into actual drawings.

this was actually only a 30 second warm up but i really like the lines

I like the foreshortening of the foot coming at the viewer.

once again some nice foreshortening 

this pose is just awesome

I did this 1 minute during my 1 minute session but it came up again for my 5 minutes, it was nice to see what lines I thought were more important or less important when considering how much time I had.

And the same thing again.

Monday, September 2, 2013

August in sketches

San Francisco!

Walt Disney Museum

Animation Mentor Graduation!!!!!

Flying back to Texas!

Lunch with the twins

Graduation Dinner and Nertz

Asking Connie to be my girlfriend (she said yes)

A day in the park, a great day in the park

Picture time!

The Wolverine

got stung :'(

phone call

drawing batman

return home

First day of school

Dinner with best friend, Josh Komer

the walking dead

phone call

first monday of class

Fixing Jason (my car)

Figure drawing class 1

Drawing 2 elipses

rearranging my desk


taking charles back

my shoulder hurts

drawing a scooter... all day -_-

my Cintiq arrived!

ink and motion

Design is everywhere!

This Cintiq is awesome!!!