Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cintiq Practice

After coloring spiderman I went on to color some other pencil sketches I've done in the past. I also decided to help the composition of these pieces by adding the background shape. I learned this from Randy Hayes, here is is blog, great work!

I also made the discovery in photoshop when inking that under the shape dynamics in the brush preset window if you change the "Roundness Jitter" to be applied by pen pressure, then you get a nice ink brush stroke look.

After I saw how nice the compositions on Robin and Rhino were with the shape in the back ground I added one to spider man and I think it really helps keep it exciting. Enjoy!

Rhino, from the Marvel Comic universe, typically has a mans face sticking out of where the rhinos mouth would be, but I prefer this look where its more rhino than man. Rhino is one of the villains in the next Amazing Spiderman movie, Im pretty excited to see their take on this villain. 

This robin is kinda a combination of all the robins that helped Batman, Dick Grayson's num-chucks, Jason Todd's angry scowl, Tim Drake's acrobatic body suit, and Damian Wayne's green goggles, gloves, and boots.

Funny how the simple addition of a parallelogram can change up the composistion of a piece for the best.

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