Monday, September 2, 2013

August in sketches

San Francisco!

Walt Disney Museum

Animation Mentor Graduation!!!!!

Flying back to Texas!

Lunch with the twins

Graduation Dinner and Nertz

Asking Connie to be my girlfriend (she said yes)

A day in the park, a great day in the park

Picture time!

The Wolverine

got stung :'(

phone call

drawing batman

return home

First day of school

Dinner with best friend, Josh Komer

the walking dead

phone call

first monday of class

Fixing Jason (my car)

Figure drawing class 1

Drawing 2 elipses

rearranging my desk


taking charles back

my shoulder hurts

drawing a scooter... all day -_-

my Cintiq arrived!

ink and motion

Design is everywhere!

This Cintiq is awesome!!!

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