Tuesday, September 3, 2013


One of my Drawing assignments over labor day weekend is to draw 25 one minute, 5 two minute, and 5 five minute gesture drawings of people. Our teacher also gave use a website that will give you a picture of a pose and automatically switch after however long you set it. here are a few of my favorite sketches from my session the other day, I have already finished the assignment, yet I plan to at least double it, it is so much fun trying to capture as much info in as short a time as possible.

these are also sketches that I would like to flesh out more into actual drawings.

this was actually only a 30 second warm up but i really like the lines

I like the foreshortening of the foot coming at the viewer.

once again some nice foreshortening 

this pose is just awesome

I did this 1 minute during my 1 minute session but it came up again for my 5 minutes, it was nice to see what lines I thought were more important or less important when considering how much time I had.

And the same thing again.

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