Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I wish I had taken a before picture. I "finished" my assignment for Drawing II yesterday, took it to class today (side note my Drawing II teacher is on maternity leave for this month so I actually have my Figure Drawing I teacher for this month as a sub) and all the students put our pieces on the wall, and the teacher said, you all have the idea but, yours is a drawing of a hand, yours is a drawing of a fan, yours is a drawing of a cat, I don't see any drawings of motion. Wow! she was right! we had done drawings with lines to "show" motion but none of the drawings were "of" motion. So, we spent the whole of class pushing our drawings, potentially over the edge, and she said that, "you almost cant go to far, you are trying to show motion not hands."

so here is my new final piece.

all of the thumb "ghosts" weren't in the first final.

the same with these finger "ghosts"

Final is Pen and Ink wash on paper.

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