Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cintiq 22HD

I recently Graduated Animation school, and one of my graduation presents was a large donation to my Cintiq 22HD (A Cintiq is a mixture of a drawing tablet and display screen where you are able to use a special pen to draw directly on the screen.) fund, so I finally was able to purchase it. I played around in different applications and decided to ink and color one of my past pencil sketches, so here you go, the spectacular spiderman! The only thing about this drawing is that I don't particularly like the composition and the background is really empty, but for a test of my new Cintiq it worked really good.

Original pencil drawing.

Final colored work.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Drawing II class 5

Today we experimented with different media and objects looking for motion, how to show motion in a still object through changing angles, poses or using the media itself to evoke motion.

A proportion study of my hand

more hands

rock, paper, scissors anyone?

life and decay

fast gesture

hatching gesture

fast lines gesture


I consider this a failed attempt but still an interesting study

walking fingers, I would like to do this again with proper proportions.

old man, this time in ink

shell in ink

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Drawing II Class 3-4

Class 3 was a review and overview of ellipse and angle mapping, here are the in class exercises:

just some warmups

studying the varying depths of ellipses as a circle leaves eye level



more... and sideways elliptical studies



angle mapping

5 minute gesture, followed by lengthy detail contour work.

Our assignment was to draw a contour of a still life, spend approximately 3 hours on it, and the objects in it should have ellipses and angles.

My teacher really liked this piece and hung it on the wall at school... *scrunches shoulders and grins*...

Class 4, today, was a look at an objects shape in relation to itself, and where parts intersect. Here are the in class exercises:

gestures of this... scooter or whatever it is.

more studying... a very surprisingly difficult shape.

starting to get the depth and shapes better

getting some depth and foreshortening

even deeper depth.

negative space

positive space

Full value study.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Drawing II Class 2

Drawing 2 class 2.
Since this is a Tuesday Thursday class my teacher has made the awesome decision that we don't need any homework on Tuesday to do before Thursday, only projects assigned on Thursday to be due the following Tuesday. Yea she is awesome. Also she is pregnant, my graphic design teacher is pregnant to...hmmm. But anyway since she is due next month and will be on maternity leave all of September I will actually have a different teacher for September.

Anyway, my first assignment was to draw the same one object 6 different ways, that can be interoperated to drawing one object with charcoal 6 times from different angles, one object 6 times with different media, or an sort of combination.

I decided to render a deer's jawbone, the same angle, 6 times using 6 different media.

My first drawing had this poor composition although I like the drawing I didnt turn this in.

Ebony, hatching

Pen, contour 

charcoal on grey paper

pencil on paper

pen, stipple


Here is a picture of all the jawbones overlaid, It was nice to see how close all of them were since they were sketched individually.

In Class Assignments:

1 minute Gesture Drawings

1 minute Gesture Drawings

1 minute Gesture Drawings

1 minute Gesture Drawings

3 minute Gesture

3 minute Gesture, and 5-10 minute contour

assorted gestures and blind contours

blind contour of hand

contour drawing of paper bag

incomplete line drawing of bamboo

It took me so long to write this post that its actually now day 3 of Drawing II class, so ill be posting more very soon!