Saturday, August 10, 2013

Composite Creatures!

When God made the animals I imagine that he got to the end and said, "well i have this left over pouch, venom, webbed feet, fur, spurs, mammary glands, and duckbill. I guess Ill make an animal out of it." to which Adam went, "ummm... i guess ill name this a.... uh... God, are you kidding me?! ummm....a platypus. A duck-billed Platypus!"

well I asked my family for their choice at a combination creature. They each gave me two animals and I drew the composite. Here they are.

 Benjamin: Eagle and Bumblebee, or EagleBee

Joseph: Frog and Stag Beetle, or Frag

Elizabeth: Cat and Starfish, or Catfish, wait...

Molly: Elephant and Peacock, or Elepock

Savannah Anne: Camel and Pufferfish, or Puffamel

Charles: Sloth and Alligator, or Slotigator

Mom: Caterpillar and Squirrel, or Caterquirrel

Dad: Dolphin and Tarantula, or Dolphantula

If you post an animal combination in the comments Ill do it!

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