Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Drawing II Class 3-4

Class 3 was a review and overview of ellipse and angle mapping, here are the in class exercises:

just some warmups

studying the varying depths of ellipses as a circle leaves eye level



more... and sideways elliptical studies



angle mapping

5 minute gesture, followed by lengthy detail contour work.

Our assignment was to draw a contour of a still life, spend approximately 3 hours on it, and the objects in it should have ellipses and angles.

My teacher really liked this piece and hung it on the wall at school... *scrunches shoulders and grins*...

Class 4, today, was a look at an objects shape in relation to itself, and where parts intersect. Here are the in class exercises:

gestures of this... scooter or whatever it is.

more studying... a very surprisingly difficult shape.

starting to get the depth and shapes better

getting some depth and foreshortening

even deeper depth.

negative space

positive space

Full value study.


  1. Anderson. You are amazingly talented.

  2. Thank you, I look forward to what God will use me for.