Monday, February 27, 2017

Mini Comics: Innovative Format

This is a long post, because this was a long intensive process.

At the beginning of the quarter we made mock ups for all different types of books, one of which was an accordion fold. aptly named because it unfolds like an accordion. I thought this was funny and so I drew an accordion on the cover of my mock up just for funzies.

Now we are working on a project called the innovative format mini. For this book the shape, or way that it is read has to reflect what is going on in the story. So I got this crazy idea, hey! what if I made an actual accordion?!

Oh! and I need a story... So I am a casual cellist and have some rudimentary musical knowledge. I wanted to write a script that had musical puns, but not in a comedic way, but rather a serious tone with strong wordplay.

I knew the story would be about an accordion, duh, and I knew that I would not have much time to work on the art as I would have to allocate a large chunk of my time to crafting. Therefore, I kept it simple.

I worked at a small scale because I could fit all interior pages on one sheet of white paper, and the paper craft cover on one piece of red paper. Saving on costs.

Interior pages

Here are the initial thumbnails

I printed these out in blue line and went straight to inking.

Here are the final Inks

Because I was already going to have a red cover I wanted to have red on the inside also so I colored the interior pages.

Then I went and got my pages printed

I cut them apart and scored them

Then I glued them together.

"Whats an INSRUMENT?"

gasp* I misspelled "Instrument!" I had to run to the printer before they closed and get the middle pages printed with the correct spelling. Luckily I caught it early enough that I could fix it, and the problem was on the middle of the three pieces so it was 'eaiser' to extract and replace.

Finally I attached it to the cover.


I started sketching out how I would build it. I love paper craft but sadly haven't done any in quite some time so I was happy to get back to it.

I made several mock ups working out the kinks.

Then I started playing with designs on the red paper. I liked how when I printed grey on the red it made it a deeper maroon, and decided to let the detailing be made by showing the red paper.

Then came the issue of the piano keys. I made a rubber stamp of a keyboard to stamp on the box. My favorite part of this is that it makes each on unique because the stamp responds differently each time.

Then I start to build the boxes. I found a way in my layout to tuck the interior pages up into the cover boxes for a clean "seamless" look.


To bring everything together I bought some 3"x3"x3" boxes to put the minis into, for safe transport and presentation.

I wanted to have something on the box so that the owner would know that the box went with the book and so I decided to make a musical score to glue to the inside of the box. Initially I was just going to make up some whatever notes, but I found this sheet music generator and it had a virtual accordion so I wrote an actual accompaniament.

Here is the score.

Each measure of the sheet music corresponds with a page from the book.

Here is rough video I made with the music playing along with the pages.

To cap it all off I made a little tag and tied the boxes with waxed thread to give it an antique look.

I am very happy with this Project and if you would like to purchase a copy I am going to start selling them at $10

If you want a copy, email me at

Side note, I went to NYC last weekend and ran into an actual accordionist in Little Italy and gave him a copy that I had planned to leave in NYC as an impromptu art drop. He loved it and played me a short song.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Psychology Children's book

I had to make a children's book based off of a dream I had.

But... Dream analysis is hogwash. It is completely at the mercy of hindsight bias, and the ability/tendency to "see what we want to see" If you are told, your dreams have a deep meaning you can extrapolate a deep meaning but that does not mean that it is the meaning.

Anyway, we had to make a kids book based off of the analysis and I did honestly see from my analysis that I have been struggling with fear and worry. BUT I am 100% with Dave as far as what I plan to do about the dream.

I made a hard copy of the book, saddle stitched. But I have presented the book in digital format here for your viewing pleasure.

I hope not to be a victim of self-fulfilling prophecies. Just because a dream says "I should be afraid" I choose to rise above this and write my own story.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Mini Comics: Side Staple Comic

I know there are lots of words (with poor grammar) and you're likely here for the art but I hope you'll read along to gain deeper insight.

Our second assignment in mini comics was to make a side staple mini. You can see in these concept
sketches my process, story development and pre-visualization.

My story is about how a phone gets between two lovers so I wanted the book design to look like a phone.

Each page is printed individually and then stapled together.

The back paper/staple cover is a wrap around as you can see here.

Although the front cover is printed, I did have to hand draw each of the back cover details with a white paint sharpie by hand. But I got in a rhythm and breezed thru it pretty quick.

I don't usually do autobiographical stories. But phone addiction is a growing problem and I hope that this story can help people realize that reality is better than the 3x4 brick in their hand.

Other than the 24 hour comic where I made a 24 page comic in 24 hours this is the fastest I've ever made a comic with a final quality and look that I am happy with. I did all the art of the 6 page story in under a week, with other school projects on my plate, I would love to see what I am capable of when Sequential Art is my full time job and I can commit full time hours to it.

Here is a tease of the first two pages

Like last time I will be selling this at Cons but if you wont be at FlukeCon or HeroesCon feel free to email me for a copy. I'm working on setting up an online store but that may take some time.

Mini Comics: Previous work Mini

I am taking a class called Mini Comics where we are going to be making, you guessed it, Mini Comics!

Our first project had a crazy fast turn over but that is because it is just a compilation of previous work. This is meant to be used as a "leave behind" when going to portfolio reviews and when meeting people. I actually went to an event at aTVfest here in Atlanta and I gave one to a producer I met there. He doesn't work in comics but you never know. I view it as a smaller portfolio but a bigger business card.


First I compiled my work, I knew I wanted to include sequential art since that is what I'm shooting for so I included two 4 page stories, one is more horror, the other is more comedic so it helps to show my range. I then filled the in-between with sketches to give a pause between the action and show the breadth of my skills.

Here is the planning out of the book, as you can see its a little complicated... Thats because with saddle stitching the first and last pages of the book are printed on the same page... So yea, lots of planning and trouble shooting went into this.

Oh and here are some of the sketches.

And of course you need a cool cover on cool paper.

This book had to be saddle stitched, usually done with staples. However, I was sick and the production room here at SCAD ran out of staples... so I ran to target and got some thread to do it the old fashion way...

I will be going to Fluke Con in Athens, GA in April where I will be selling this, and the other minis that I will be making this quarter.