Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Psychology Children's book

I had to make a children's book based off of a dream I had.

But... Dream analysis is hogwash. It is completely at the mercy of hindsight bias, and the ability/tendency to "see what we want to see" If you are told, your dreams have a deep meaning you can extrapolate a deep meaning but that does not mean that it is the meaning.

Anyway, we had to make a kids book based off of the analysis and I did honestly see from my analysis that I have been struggling with fear and worry. BUT I am 100% with Dave as far as what I plan to do about the dream.

I made a hard copy of the book, saddle stitched. But I have presented the book in digital format here for your viewing pleasure.

I hope not to be a victim of self-fulfilling prophecies. Just because a dream says "I should be afraid" I choose to rise above this and write my own story.

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