Tuesday, July 28, 2015

HeroesCon 2015

Wow, this update is coming really late...

HeroesCON 2015!

Last year I had my own table in artists alley, this year I was pleased to be sponsored by a friend I met last year, Nick Flair and Blackhole Comics. You can check out his work HERE

This year I had more products at my table than last year, but still not where I wanted to be. Ive learned that one of the keys at a con is variety, which I'm still building.

What I did have was:
mini-comic: <Context>

Sketchbook of warm up drawings and 3 comics

An assortment of front and back Bookmarks

Other original art

And I was open for commissions, of which I had quite a few.

Along with the bookmarks I had already made, I had some blanks that I offered to do commissions, here they are.

I went to the Friday night Drink and Draw where all artists are invited to draw art and donate it to be sold to raise money for  ALS. I drew two sketch cards and one coaster, unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the coaster, it was of Ghüs from Saga, and it was scooped up for purchase in seconds of my donating it which made me super happy.

Also on Friday I did my weekly chimera suggested by a Con attendee, The "Girafat"

Here are some other sketches I did while sitting in the booth.

I got to meet some amazing artists. It was a very inspiring weekend, I cant wait to see them all again next year and perhaps working with them in the future.