Saturday, February 4, 2017

Mini Comics: Side Staple Comic

I know there are lots of words (with poor grammar) and you're likely here for the art but I hope you'll read along to gain deeper insight.

Our second assignment in mini comics was to make a side staple mini. You can see in these concept
sketches my process, story development and pre-visualization.

My story is about how a phone gets between two lovers so I wanted the book design to look like a phone.

Each page is printed individually and then stapled together.

The back paper/staple cover is a wrap around as you can see here.

Although the front cover is printed, I did have to hand draw each of the back cover details with a white paint sharpie by hand. But I got in a rhythm and breezed thru it pretty quick.

I don't usually do autobiographical stories. But phone addiction is a growing problem and I hope that this story can help people realize that reality is better than the 3x4 brick in their hand.

Other than the 24 hour comic where I made a 24 page comic in 24 hours this is the fastest I've ever made a comic with a final quality and look that I am happy with. I did all the art of the 6 page story in under a week, with other school projects on my plate, I would love to see what I am capable of when Sequential Art is my full time job and I can commit full time hours to it.

Here is a tease of the first two pages

Like last time I will be selling this at Cons but if you wont be at FlukeCon or HeroesCon feel free to email me for a copy. I'm working on setting up an online store but that may take some time.

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