Saturday, February 4, 2017

Mini Comics: Previous work Mini

I am taking a class called Mini Comics where we are going to be making, you guessed it, Mini Comics!

Our first project had a crazy fast turn over but that is because it is just a compilation of previous work. This is meant to be used as a "leave behind" when going to portfolio reviews and when meeting people. I actually went to an event at aTVfest here in Atlanta and I gave one to a producer I met there. He doesn't work in comics but you never know. I view it as a smaller portfolio but a bigger business card.


First I compiled my work, I knew I wanted to include sequential art since that is what I'm shooting for so I included two 4 page stories, one is more horror, the other is more comedic so it helps to show my range. I then filled the in-between with sketches to give a pause between the action and show the breadth of my skills.

Here is the planning out of the book, as you can see its a little complicated... Thats because with saddle stitching the first and last pages of the book are printed on the same page... So yea, lots of planning and trouble shooting went into this.

Oh and here are some of the sketches.

And of course you need a cool cover on cool paper.

This book had to be saddle stitched, usually done with staples. However, I was sick and the production room here at SCAD ran out of staples... so I ran to target and got some thread to do it the old fashion way...

I will be going to Fluke Con in Athens, GA in April where I will be selling this, and the other minis that I will be making this quarter.

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