Friday, August 23, 2013

Drawing II Class 2

Drawing 2 class 2.
Since this is a Tuesday Thursday class my teacher has made the awesome decision that we don't need any homework on Tuesday to do before Thursday, only projects assigned on Thursday to be due the following Tuesday. Yea she is awesome. Also she is pregnant, my graphic design teacher is pregnant to...hmmm. But anyway since she is due next month and will be on maternity leave all of September I will actually have a different teacher for September.

Anyway, my first assignment was to draw the same one object 6 different ways, that can be interoperated to drawing one object with charcoal 6 times from different angles, one object 6 times with different media, or an sort of combination.

I decided to render a deer's jawbone, the same angle, 6 times using 6 different media.

My first drawing had this poor composition although I like the drawing I didnt turn this in.

Ebony, hatching

Pen, contour 

charcoal on grey paper

pencil on paper

pen, stipple


Here is a picture of all the jawbones overlaid, It was nice to see how close all of them were since they were sketched individually.

In Class Assignments:

1 minute Gesture Drawings

1 minute Gesture Drawings

1 minute Gesture Drawings

1 minute Gesture Drawings

3 minute Gesture

3 minute Gesture, and 5-10 minute contour

assorted gestures and blind contours

blind contour of hand

contour drawing of paper bag

incomplete line drawing of bamboo

It took me so long to write this post that its actually now day 3 of Drawing II class, so ill be posting more very soon!

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