Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Woman Crush Wednesday

Im not very good at drawing the female face. I attribute that to the fact that I am a man myself and so I have been practicing drawing my own, very angular face for so long that the soft features of the female face are hard to construct.

But recently I have had a reason to draw female faces, other than just to push myself to grow as an artist. I was inspired by someone to draw her face, because it was easily the most beautiful face I had seen.

So what better day to post, than Woman Crush Wednesday.

Some warm-up sketches

"The Book Reader" initially I was scared to render her... I didn't want to mess it up... She is so amazing I might render it wrong... but then I took a leap of faith out there and thought, "Hey Im not going to let this pass me by, Im going to do my best and at least try!" (Hey! I am a poet and I wasn't aware of that! ... wait...)

Detail of the face

The button nose, soft brow, lips subtly curling into a smile... and of course the hair, like a river of gold flowing down from a mountain spring... Ill leave the poetry to Solomon and just draw...

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