Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day at the Zoo

In D.C. this week and went to the free National Zoo. I enjoyed access to all the free models, but had to limit myself to the animals that would sit still for long enough for me to capture their likeness.


King Vulture

Some freaky cool fish that was 7 feet long and looked like 400lbs

This monkey was not caged.. it was just sitting there...

I noticed how angular a frog is so I decided to exaggerate it. the color scheme of this frog was a beautiful turquoise and chocolate swirl

This Crab actually had a sign on the glass that read, "I like to pose, draw a picture of me!" so I did.

This anteater was the highlight of my zoo visit as I had never seen one before and like the streamlined body, and friendly appearance of the animal.

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