Monday, May 19, 2014

April in Sketches

Today's Sketchy Continues into April, very busy month but It has nothing on the upcoming weeks...

April fools

Google Maps Pokemon, gotta catch em all!

Finished drawings and tea

Scanning artwork

Shrek the musical


School day

Sculpture plan

Griffin (These last 10 pages got stained with water)

My little sister's Birthday!

Wood tile work

Visiting SCAD

Pittypatt's Porch

Housing in Atlanta

Red moon, Plaster Sculpture

Terrible teacher stumbles and stumbles

Logo design

Secret Church, Good Friday


Easter Sunday

Snail mail... get it?

Cut my hand, dang it!

Pretty dull day...

Almost complete sculpture

Walk with God

Coloring on my Cintiq

Eggplant for dinner

Cool short film

More coloring

What is Art?

We are already more than halfway through May so look for May to come to you soon.

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