Friday, February 1, 2013

SotD from then to now...

Here are my Sketches-of-the- day from January 14-31st. this includes my Kenya trip so enjoy what you find. I decided to add small descriptions of my favorite 

first day of Class, the heater was out of control

Josie wanted a puppy

Art history... yea.

packing and prep for Kenya

Headed to the airport.

Flying across the world. yep.

The Massi market is insane.


That's called a miserable nights lack of sleep.

That's called a fantastic day and night of sleep.

Food and finished conference.


World traveler...again!

my animator friends will appreciate this day ^^^, I had to do a blocking+ pass of a 600 frame animation in 5 hours.

Lego turned 55! I bought it a present, it was great.

Cow again, and lots of drawing...snakeman...

swivel chair!!!

working a shift, Geoff, bacon! yoda, YYB mask! epic day!!!!

Whew that was exhausting! I hope I can stay more on top of it for February.

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