Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Advanced Inking: Final Project

For our final project we were charged to make a 3 page comic in black and white using the techniques we have learned so far in the quarter. In my Visual storytelling 1 class we had to do a 3 page comic as well but I did a 6 page comic so I made that one very graphic and simple in style, so I really wanted to go all out for my Inking final. In classic form however I went for the stars and did 4 pages.

But I have a good reason. My comic has an important reveal on the last page. Technically this story could take place in 3 pages, but I wanted my final reveal page to be a splash page and on a page turn so it had to be an even number of pages.

Anyway, you came here for art. Here is the final first because I don't want to spoil the story by showing process.

This whole comic was inked traditionally with brush and ink. a little frisket and a touch of white out, cause pobody's nerfect.

Fun right? Anyway, here are my thumbnails and decision making reasons.

Here's some early concept art.

This first page, as mentioned before, is mainly just filler. But that is a bad reason to have a page, so I used it to further the story also. My showing the lion as a killer, granted for food, on the first page it makes us sympathetic for the zebra on the following pages. As far as it being a night scene, I wanted the chance to play with frisket as an inking technique which was awesome. But also it shows a change of time from page 1 to page 2.

In panel 1 the Lion is the highest thing in frame. showing that he his king of the realm.
the rest is pretty self explanatory.

This was a fun sequence, I wanted to really sell the idea that there are three characters even though there are only two. After seeing the next page and reading the reveal this page is really very Zentaur heavy but for now it seems really balanced between the "three" characters.

Defiantly my favorite page. I changed the final from this thumbnail by having the Zentaur sling the lion over his shoulder instead of wearing it as a headdress. I did this for two reasons, first I wanted to show the Zentaur's ears and mane since we saw them earlier. Secondly I wanted the Zentaur to be the highest thing in frame similarly to panel 1 of page 2. Im a little concerned about the proportions of the final illustration, but it might just be the lion skin backpack I don't know. Im happy with the rendering. I would love to color this later when I have time but It probably wont happen because Id rather just move on.

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