Monday, July 7, 2014


HeroesCON in Charlotte, NC was an amazing experience! I learned so much from some amazingly talented artists. I cant wait to apply what I have learned. The two biggest lessons I learned are:
1. Master perspective
2. Study anatomy
One of the greats told me that the finish line that I as an artist should be striving for is the ability to make fewer mistakes. Even the best artists make mistakes, but they are few and small and that is what to strive for.
I also learned to cherish my mistakes, to see each mishap as a chance to learn and become better.
I have a lot of pictures from the con so here we go...
First off here is my loot from the weekend. Got some amazing art from some amazing artists. Most of them also supported me at my booth.

A monster I illustrated along with advice notes from the weekend

This is a quick sketch of the guy across the aisle from me, he had a very active tongue while drawing.

more advice

and more advice...

I went to a workshop on creature design...

My booth in Artist's Alley

People waiting to get in

The Convention Center (and only really 1/4 of it)

kid attendees had a little booklet with a scavenger hunt in it, one of the items was to get a sketch from someone in Artist's Alley I did 3 but only got a chance to take a picture of this "zombie" request

Here are some other drawings that I made and sold in the booth

mutant bunny

Yoda schools Hodor

Edna Mode

The Trinity

Ninja Pig

baby Batman!


Friend of mine showed up as the insane yet lovable Deadpool, and his loving friend.

Bizarro, and boy was he in character!

The Doctor

And in the back corner of the hall! ECTO1

Thats all from the weekend, now its all about applying what I learned

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