Monday, July 14, 2014

Computer Art

Unfortunately I didn't learn anything in my Computer Art class this last semester, It was all about getting the 3 college credits. But I did use class time to work on my own projects, My book commission, and writing on this, my blog.

Class Assignments:

Photo restoration


 Movie Poster

Personal Projects:

I found a tutorial to make this really cool geometric self portrait in Adobe Illustrator and decided to use the opportunity of having the application and made this selfie.

Colored this inked artwork during one of the empty class days.

Logo Design:
I made these three logos while waiting for my computer art to actually give me an assignment, she didn't so I made money. For anyones Reference I am open for logo design business:
 $300 for a black and white logo
$350 for full color. The process to make each of these three was approximately a two week turn around from initial contact to final product.

The "Homeschool Castles" blog logo shows the company's value of growth, with the subtle arrow shape, and their value of a study foundation.

"Illumination Choir" is a show choir in Matthews, NC

 United Mountain Horse Inc. is a company that is involved in the training of riders in the equestrian arts.

To contact me about a logo you would like created contact me at

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