Monday, July 28, 2014

3D Design

Welp, the semester is over and Ill be posting some class reviews I really enjoyed my 3D design. It was an odd class in that we only made three projects for the entire semester, but they took up all the time.

First: Paper sculpture

The original idea seen in this sketch was a paper "tornado" but I couldn't find a glue strong enough to hold the form up.

So instead I decided to make this sort of arc

I only used four sided pyramids because they were fast to make and I didnt feel as bad when I destroyed them, which I did...

Here is the final sculpture

At the final critique someone said it might work good hanging from the wall

I liked this display and it helped me develop the background story that it is one heart pouring into another. Thus giving it the title "Unconditional"
this piece was in the 2014 CPCC Student Art Show

Second: Wire sculpture

With the 2014 CPCC Student Show deadline impending I pushed myself hard to finish up this piece in under a week

I finished the Lightning bug in time for the show and it was accepted to my great excitment. But now I had 4 weeks free because I had finished early so the teacher made me make a second wire sculpture to use my class time well. Originally I was a bit mad about this but in the end I was grateful, and told her so, because I have four pieces while everyone else only has three.

I just retired my All Star sneakers because they were sprouting holes so decided to make a dedication to them. The hardest part about this build was the shoelaces, I wove eight 22 gauge wires together to make them, the rest was just molded steel.

Third (Fourth for me): Plaster Sculpture

Of course I wanted to make a Batman Sculpture I found a really really bad drawing of mine from years ago that I wanted to do justice (pun intended) to

I planned out my new better looking version from multiple views.

I took the most pictures of this process, but sadly didnt take a picture of the original block of plaster.

Day 1

 Day 2: I made the major design change from two ears, to one shape that insinuates ears.

 Day 3

 Day 4

 Day 5


My Teacher was AMAZING! very inspiring and does great work, here is her website

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  1. This is awesome! You're very talented! I loved your paper sculpture!