Friday, March 7, 2014

Today's Sketchy: February

Its been a long time since I posted, so here is a massive post of my February in sketches.

Lord of the Rings Marathon


Good dreams

cutting paper

Flo vs. Soccerball

Gluing paper


Logo work

Bingeing on Orphan Black

Drawing for someone

sending packages, and driving

more driving... Finished reading "...The Chamber of Secrets"

Figure skating

Valentines day

Grannan and Paws 50th wedding anniversary

My sisters 18th Birthday

Art history test

ChickfilA dinner

The great masters

Best day of the year yet!


Telling stories

Driving home


wire sculpture

Photo restoration


Ice skating and Illustrating

I got behind a few times during the month, I hope to stay on tip of it better this month. I also hope to post a few more "regular posts.

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