Monday, February 3, 2014

Today's Sketchy

I know its been a while since I've posted, but that doesn't mean I haven't been drawing...

Last year I attempted to draw a sketch a day sort of as a visual journal. I made it all the way to October but then I ran out of paper the same size as the paper I had used the whole year and I never got around to cutting paper to match the dimensions. In short last year I failed. But that is what art is really all about, failure, but only if you learn from that failure. I was working on my graphic novel over the summer and experience several failures but I have learned so much from them, I have now been accepted to SCAD and I attribute that to the lessons I have learned from my failures.

In short, Learn from Failure and succeed next time.

So here is the plan for this year... I will fill a 3.5"x5" sketchbook with drawings that showcase that day in my life. Some things I learned from last time are that I want each page to be more finished artwork, and I don't want to limit myself to just pencil.

This series will be titled "Today's Sketchy"
meaning both that today is sketchy and this sketch is today's sketch (see what I did there? :)

Without further ado lets start with January...

I retired my Pocket Bible after reading the whole thing in a week and 8 previous years of service.


Saw "Jobs" great movie sad story

Stayed up all night and made a tree out of wire

Photo-shoot with my sister

Feast of Fools!

Retired my second pocket sketchbook

Errands and "Next to Normal" OST

Finishing some color pencil drawings

Road Trip to Atlanta

SCAD day in Atlanta


First Day of School Semester

Rice krispies with banana

2D Design, Computer art, Art History 2

3D Design

Accepted to SCAD! And the afternoon out with a friend



MLK Day, 10k Run

Some Great time with my best friend David

Computer art is the worst class... just not a good teacher.

Art gallery

Adobe Illustrator

A day out at my Chick-fil-A's


Beetle pin

SNOW! (and World War Z)

Working with Triangle based pyramids.

3D project design

Painting in Photoshop

And that's January! Come back soon for February...

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