Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Visual Storytelling 2 Final Project

Here is my final for my Visual Storytelling II class. Oddly this is shorter than my Visual Storytelling I final project. This is largely due to the fact that this quarter was crazy busy so I had less time, but also I would argue that this final is 10 times better.

This story went through tons of revisions, I had to change the story several times to actually make sense. I finally got it all to work out, I was a little disappointed when I went back and looked at the first draft and realized how poor the first one was.

Process wise, I decided to hand letter this project, I hate the lettering process of a project specifically when it has to be lettered digitally. I am not good at it, and always feel that digital lettering looks so separated from the organicness of the artwork. Because of this, I decided to hand letter this project.

Ok nuff blah de  blah...





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