Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2D Design

Design is important to know to be able to apply in drawings, whether created with your mind or drawing from life.

here are some fun 2D Design Projects from school.

Value study
9 point Graphite value scale

sphere drawn using a 9pt Graphite value scale

Line Inventory: The idea here is that the top box has a line in it and as it descends the design should become more intense.

Line inventory Thumbnail ideas

Line inventory Final

Shape inventory: Same idea as the line inventory but with shapes.

Shape inventory idea thumbnails.

further thumbnails

Shape inventory final

Emotion Project: The assignment was to use the basic elements of art to represent, abstractly, different emotions, Whimsical, Joy, Anger, Fear, Power, and Love.

Balance Project: The idea here is to scribble some various lines on 4"x4" card-stock then chose a 1"x1" card-stock area to redraw blown up to 4"x4" then to split it down the middle making a symmetrical composition, then to make it a radially symmetrical

Color Wheel

Color Studies

Simultaneous Contrast: If you look at the turquoise on red it really pops, but on the green it almost disappears, showing how colors can "change" when put up against different colors.

Perspective Drawings: My teacher actually got the 3-point perspective wrong, and I had to correct him, he has a degree in architecture... ironic much...

1 point perspective

 2 point perspective

 2 point perspective

  3 point perspective

  2 point perspective ellipse 

  2 point perspective ellipse 

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  1. Do you have these assignments in written form that you can share?