Wednesday, December 25, 2013

2013 Sketchbook DUMP

I have grown so much this year as an artist!

I started working on a Graphic Novel, coming 2014
I finished Animation Mentor's Online School
I maintained my 4.0 GPA in school
I left my comfort zone and experimented with different mediums and color

So here you go! a sketchbook dump of some of my favorite pieces from the year, most of them from my pocket sketchbook where I only use pen. Please forgive any reposts.


Destroyer of Saturn!

Do or do not!

Kenya Trip

My sisters Alien (its wearing a tiara)

My brothers alien

 A Catter-quirrl

Puffer Camel

Stranger at Panera, she wasn't grumpy... the drawing is just in pen so she kinda ended up that way...



Pumpkin head!

Thanksgiving Gothic

My mom, caricatured, duh


Firefox... get it!


(google it)

Atrocitus! leader of the red lantern corp of RAGE!

Saint Walker! Leader of the Blue lantern corp of Hope!

Portrait of a very dear friend

Batman with an actual bat mask

Darth Maul

Cover of my brother's comic book notebook, this is called a fenke, it is a messenger lizard

First page of sketchbook 2

Aayla Secura



Yes his limbs were that long, his hair that greasy, and head that flat, not much caricaturing going on here...

Dr. Victor Fries

The Joker (I didn't have a green pen, in fact! if you noticed I only use these three colors, yes black isn't a color its a value just get over it... anyways yes I use these three pens exclusively in this sketchbook. They are ballpoint but somehow you can make a light or dark line with them, very wide range utensils, wow I'm monologging...)

Joker, Burton style

Creepy hand

Posh Animals...
 Bear... Koala Bear...


A favorite childhood book gone wrong

 Night of the living dead!


Zombie Robot (I started the new technique of drawing with either the blue or red pen during the sketchy stage before going back over with the black, and It worked well so I've started doing it all the time)


My Graphic Design 1 Teacher, da best!


Morgan Freeman

Tony Stark, no wait... Robert Downey Jr

Santa... If he were a Viking!

Rudolph if he were a Dragon!

Merry Christmas!

If this is 2013, the unlucky year, then I cant wait to see what God will do in 2014! Cheers!

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