Sunday, March 3, 2013


Well I fell behind posting every week but this was easier so I might just wait to the end of each month every month.

fun with facial expressions

call with charles about project.

Superbowl XLVII 

rehearsal for my sisters musical theater play.

I honestly do not know how I got to my bed... weirdest thing.

Art history.

My Drawing project. Ill post the final later

just saying

party at my house! I is the DJ

Froot Loops! and ductape pants

Driving in my car

stuff happens, molly's tooth broke off.

more art history...

single...for now

coffee and stardust

Savannah Anne's, my sister, birthday.

just one of those days.


my car.

finishing my Drawing project, post to come

cow, then Xbox kinect.

Sleep? whats sleep?

Subway dinner

OSCARs Argo won best picture!

VFX society is in an uproar over life of Pi winning but not thanking Rhythm and Hues.

perspective drawings, an actual shift and animating.


more perspective and animating, plus empty thought.

And that's it for February! See you all in March!

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