Friday, January 22, 2016

EPS: Vehicles

EPS (Environments, Props, and Structures) is just that, a class about environments props and structures.  Our first Assignment was to design two vehicles for two of three environment choices; air, land, or sea.

I chose land and sea.

Next we had to determine if our vehicles were primarily for Transportation or Utilitarian use.

My land vehicle is going to be a motorized tricycle that is the modern day equivalent of the pony express. Think of it like this, the Wild West is still Wild, there are no roads, trains or anything, there are bandits tho... duh duh DUH! Since this would make this vehicle basically a mail currier, Im saying this vehicle is purely transportation.

blah blah blah no one reads this, they just look at the pictures...

My sea vehicle is going to be a smaller submarine that attaches to a bigger sub. It's purpose is artifact and specimen retrieval. This makes this vehicle Utilitarian.

Ok so first  We did loose concept sketches of our ideas.

From here I pretty much just took the critiques I got in class and decided on one of the designs and started to refine the shapes.

Vehicles, yea!

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