Monday, September 28, 2015

Terminator 2 Redesign

Wow... been a while, well I'm back at school so here come the assignment updates!.

its only the start of week 2 and I already have something finished.

In my Character Design for Animation class we were given the brief to redesign three of six characters for an animated version of the live action movie, Terminator 2. Our character options were, the T-1000,  the T-100, John Conner, Sarah Conner, and Miles Dyson. I chose the T-1000, T-100, and Miles Tyson.

 First we were to create unique silhouettes for our characters, I did 3 full pages before narrowing it down to these.

Silhouette is important to consider, because you want a recognizable one. for example who is this?


We submitted our silhouettes for critique and feedback and I settled on my choices and did some more rough sketches to figure out the posing and proportions further.

At this point I transferred my designs to a 14"x17" sheet of paper.

In the end we will be graded using a rubric that spans our technical abilities, originality and the final silhouettes.


The critiques I got were that the T-1000's right hand feels less menacing than the rest of the character, I will probably change it to long spindly fingers. Also, the T-100's Gun is a little too small for his big hands, but that might be acceptable. And finally, Miles Dyson's Pants were reading a little like underware, which would change when color is added, but that's no excuse.

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