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24 Hour Comic: Djek


Read the comic first, then read the commentary!

Comic -

Alright! I was going to wait to hear back about the results of the competition before posting this but its been so long and I just want to share this project. Ill post an update if/when the contest results come in, and if/when this might be published on

On October 3, 2014 at 10am I went to the SCAD Atlanta main building and set up my art supplies for a 24 hour project.

The Challenge: Complete a 24 page black and white comic in 24 hours.

I had know this was coming so I will admit to cheating only slightly and coming up with a general plot. My little brothers had thought up this idea with me of, what if an alien accidentally blew up the earth? I had drawn one picture of this alien years ago, but now I thought would be the perfect time to pull that idea out of the closet.

At the event there were two Marvel Editors, Mark Marts, and Katie Kubert. They were very inspirational and encouraging along the whole process.

First off here are some preliminary sketches and thumbnails if you care to see my process.

 Character Designs

Here is the Original Drawing of Djek from January 2013

You'll also see a cameo from one of my sisters creations, a Quaku. Also from 2013
A Quaku is a fuzzy critter that wears a tiara and that fit into my story very quickly.

Here are some of the designs for the comic, I didn't really have time to spend on the designs before jumping right into making the comic. but yes, originally Djek had a tail and much longer neck, it just didnt pan out.


Jimmy Johns provided us with dinner, thank you!

So here it is! My 24 Hour comic. I would encourage you to read through the whole thing in one setting, then go back and read the commentaries on each page, or just read it and laugh, whatever you do, enjoy!

Djek: Destroyer of Earth

This Cover was created after the fact for my submission to Comixology for self publishing. Like I said, I haven't heard back from them yet, but hopefully soon it will be available for purchase. Also shoutout to Ben Tonger, fellow Classmate at SCAD he suggested giving Djek the Orange skin rather than the cliche green. I don't color artwork much so Im pleased with how this came out.

Credits Page, Speaks for itself.

Since the book is titled, Djek: Destory of Earth, I figured I'd get the surprise out of the way and blow up the earth. After this I had two goals, tell a funny story about how Djek accidentally blows up the earth, but also between now and then, to make you forget, and hopefully get a shock again out of you when it happens again. Let me know if it worked. 

This really sets up what kind of guy Djek is, Also there is a reference to Han Solo here if you didnt catch it boo on you. You will notice in the bottom corner that you can see the marker work, this will become a trend as I didnt have time to make this look crisp and clean, my usual style, i just had to pump out drawing after drawing asap! Part of me would want to make this comic again with more time, but you'll see some of its best moments come out of the rush I was in.

Trivia, 408B is my room number...
Also our first intro to the antagonist, mostly to fill a panel but also just good storytelling setup.

This page got me the most praise from the Marvel editors that visited. Its very simple but very clear storytelling. Also building up what an idiot Djek is.

So in the last page Djek and the robot, who remains unnamed throughout the story, are getting away from the Quaku and I needed a way for the Quaku to get them, soooooo... long sticky tongue it was!

This is also the page where i finally embraced the quick line making on the jacket, In the long run I think its an improvement on the previous pages, his jacket looks shinny and it gives him texture. but it only happened cause I had to for time's sake.

Really the only thing about this page is that panel 1 is the same as panel 3. I normally hate when comic book artist's do this, but I didn't have time and saw it as genius rather than cheating, but if you have time always draw something new, its much more exciting.

So at first he was going to shoot the Quaku in half to get out, but then I would have any thing to put in the next 4 pages, so instead I turned the Quaku from Antagonist to Messenger.

Really love the first panel here I totally was sitting at my table making spit faces in a mirror for reference.

This page simply reminds the reader why Djek is here.

Here we learn about the true antagonist of the story.

This bottom panel is very reminiscent of Skottie Young's style now that I look at it, Im cool with that I like that panel, but I would defiantly like a style all my own, and I think this project helped me start to establish one.

Ok so funny story... On my way to this event on the morning of October 3 the Shuttle would not show up fast enough so I decided to walk, but then it started to rain. I got soooo mad! I had all these art supplies, they were safe in a portfolio but still i was so worried that I would arrive at the event and have no paper to draw on, that it would all be mush, so this 4 page interlude was really just filler on a personal level to reach the 24 page count.

I wanted to touch on how obsessed Djek is with his hair.

And how much his robot cares about him.

And finally we get to the temple! If you look on the cover art you will see these two twin dues and the temple between them in the background.

I had no time to draw a detailed interior of this building, so I made it a story element, if there is something wrong with the physics, or details in your world, if the characters in the world acknowledge it, it becomes easier for the reader to accept it.

Kinda wanted an Indiana Jones moment where he picks up the key and all hell breaks loose. Also I've done it a few times now, but I like the idea of just floating text without thought, caption, or speech bubbles, it almost denotes action rather than thought. I like it so I kept and will keep doing it.

When i did this drawing of the floating face someone asked me if those were horns or ears, I still dont know, I just wanted the characters silhouette to look like a keyhole for whole key design thing to cary over. But once again, I tried to make it humorous by having Djek question his ear/horns with the audience. Also Im a sucker for continuity, so if you look in the upper left corner you can see the display board for the upcoming earth destruction scene.

And again more of Djek questioning the world around him. And more of the earth doomsday device.

I was very much inspired by Skottie Young for this panel. he always has these really funny sound effects and I wanted Djek to have a funny sounding gun so "pew pew pew" it was, also as seen in the second panel he fired three shots.
This panel originally did not read well, it was impossible to tell what was going on, but I need to give a huge shoutout to Mark Marts for his help on staging this scene with Djek peeking though the hole in the face's, well face. Also it was his idea to show the inside of the teeth to create depth. 
Thanks Mark Marts!

And then I realized, I have 4 pages left how am i supposed to blow up the earth? And once again Djek joins in with the audience asking what we are all thinking.

Another genius cheat, This is indeed the same as page 1, but with out the text. This was me thinking, I need to make this comic as efficiently as possible, and this is the execution. Pun not intended.

More out of the box text, really just a wrap up.

And hopefully one more laugh, This page isn't to say that Djek got caught, but just that he is wanted. I defiantly plan to continue this series. I mean Djek just got the key. but what does it go to?

Katie Kubert, Me, Mike Marts: Thanks again you guys it was great meeting you and getting to receive your critiques.

All in all I really enjoied 24 hour comic day, My brothers and I are already planning one for Christmas Break, maybe only 12 pages but still. I will definatly do it again next year. I hope you enjoied reading this comic, share it with whoever you want. And stay sketchy.

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