Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

One of my top New Year resolutions is to do a sketch a day tath represents something significant taht happened that day, so at the end of the year I will have 365 sketches and hopefully better sketching skills. :) I havent done todays sketch yet but here is my Birthday gift to my Grand father 'Paw'

A while back we were at a restaurant for dinner and he was paying. I ordered Quail and it turned out to be the smallest quail in the world and the most expensive, since then its been the running joke between us that I owe him a quail dinner. For Chirstmas I got him 4 frozen quail, and he got me pickled quail eggs. His birthday is the day after Christmas so I drew this for him. I also made him pancakes.

It was a good Christmas, birthday party, and New Years. 

2013! hold on to your bum! Mr Anderson's gonna sketch you up!

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